Product Quality

Product Quality

Tablet Covers

All YTC tablet covers are custom designed and printed to fit your tablet’s specifications. They include the following features:

  • Premium white vinyl
  • Can be printed to any size up to 10.5″ x 8.5″
  • Strong adhesive, removable with no residue
  • Light & water resistant
  • CMYK 4 colour printing process
  • 3 mil thickness


  • Shiny finish that will protect your tablet cover
  • Slightly grippy in texture


  • Smooth feel similar to your tablet’s surface
  • Premium finish


Our mousepads are printed with your custom designs in many different sizes to fit your desk and setup. 

  • Made from 100% polyester fabric
  • High quality rubber backing in a non-slip weave pattern
  • Detailed resolution printed through dye sublimation process
  • Stitched edges


All YTC SkipPads are made to your specifications, with over 4000 different variations available to choose. They include the following features:

  • Near-zero latency keypresses with 1000hz polling and 1ms response time
  • Extra side button, for more keyboard shortcuts.
  • Reprogrammable keys and animated LED lighting with user-friendly GUI
  • Hotswappable variant will enable you to mix and match keyswitches, or try something new
  • High-quality, custom designed 3D printed base