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The latest update for SkipPad can be found here.

If you would like to be notified about new updates to SkipPad, join our Discord!

Simply extract the files into any folder, plug your SkipPad into your computer and run the !RUNMETOFLASH.bat to update your SkipPad.


A successful update should look like this screenshot.

You may have different COM ports selected, but everything else should look about the same.

In the event your SkipPad does not update, please upload the log.txt the Updater creates to #support on our Discord.

If you find any bug/errors, please report them in #support on our Discord.

2018/08/13 Changelog V6.6:

  • Minor bug fixes.

2018/08/11 Changelog V6.5:

  • Fixed bug where SkipPad prevented Windows from sleeping.

Changelog V6.4:

  • Added error handling and warning message at beginning.

Changelog V6.2:

  • Minor bug fixes.

Changelog V6:

  • First public release.