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To update the SkipPad’s firmware to the newest version, simply download and run the YTC SkipPad Config Utility.

Make sure the SkipPad is in the setup mode (see: Configuration) and click Connect.

There are two possible scenarios in this case:

First scenario: If the keypad’s software is too old to work with the version of the Config Utility you have, there will be a prompt to flash the newest firmware before it can connect:

Second scenario: If the keypad has a software version compatible with the app version you have, it should successfully connect and show you the configuration window.

If the app finds an update for the keypad, it will be visible right under the ‘YTC SkipPad Configurator’ header in the configuration window:

Click it, and the app will ask to download and flash the newest firmware available:

Clicking “Yes” will open up the firmware flasher section of the config utility.

Firmware flasher

The firmware flasher is a part of the SkipPad Config Utility. It is accessible it by going through steps described above.

Notice: In emergency situations, the firmware flasher can be accessed directly from the connecting window by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+F combination.

To start the flashing process, make sure the keypad is properly connected to your PC (so it doesn’t accidentally disconnect during when flashing) and click Start flashing.

The app will ask once again to proceed the update and after that, the flashing process will begin.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it might take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or two. After the process is finished, the app will display a popup:

Note: depending on the version updated from, a settings reset might not always be needed. In fact, any updates past the initial one (if you have a v1 SkipPad) shouldn’t reset the SkipPad’s preferences. The pop-up isn’t exactly accurate about that. I’ll fix that. Soon. ™

Now you can simply reconnect your keypad in the setup mode again to enjoy the new firmware, bringing bugfixes and, sometimes, new features to your SkipPad. In the future, we’ll show you a changelog to tell you what’s exactly changed in the firmware update. For now, just trust us that it’s something useful… or visit our Discord for more information c:

Notice: It’s possible to override the provided firmware by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+O when the flasher window is visible and selecting your own .hex file – don’t do this unless you know exactly what you’re doing, though, otherwise you might hard brick your keypad.

If there are any bug/errors encountered, please report them in #support on our Discord or send a direct message to TheWildTree#8645.