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Additional Features

The SkipPad can be configured for different keys pressed, and has other LED animations to choose from. There are two methods to configure these settings. You can access the setup interface through the YTC SkipPad Configurator or through the COM port in other software like PuTTY or Termite.


Both methods require setting the SkipPad into Setup Mode.

  1. Set the SkipPad into Setup Mode by holding any button on the SkipPad while plugging it into the computer.
  2. Ensure you’re in setup mode by testing if the keypad still types. If it does not, the SkipPad has entered Setup Mode successfully, and you can move to Method 1 or 2 for configuration.

Method 1 (easiest):

Download and run the configuration tool. Download here.

Press the connect button, and wait for the bottom left to broadcast “Connected to COM.”

Enter your preferred settings, and click on save.

Your keypad should be set up and ready to use.


Method 2 (backwards compatible):

Download and install software that can interface with USB COM ports. Ex. PuTTY or Termite.

Locate which serial port your SkipPad is on through Device Manager > Ports (COM & LPT).

Connect to the COM port mentioned (mine is COM4).

Press any key, and you should see the menu pop up.

When your entered settings are satisfactory, press “0” until the setup menu says “Leaving configuration menu… Ready to use! o/.”

Your keypad should be set up and ready to use.

For what each setting does, see Settings.

If you run into any issue, join our Discord for support.