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Celebrating YTC’s third birthday


Yangumasuta Tablet Covers is now three years old. What started as a simple Google Form has now become the expansive web store that is today. Since our launch, we’ve printed and shipped over 2500 tablet covers, as well as hundreds of mousepads. Last year we introduced the SkipPad, the best custom keypad for high performance rhythm gaming. This year, we released the SkipPad V2, with all-new internals and additional customizable elements. But ultimately, your support for our products is what keeps YTC going. That’s why every year we hold an anniversary event to give back to the people who started it all, you. This year is no different.

We’re giving away free custom tablet covers, mousepad, SkipPad V2, and gift cards below. And for today only, save 30% on all tablet covers and mousepads —just use the code anniversary30 at checkout. As for our SkipPads, we will be having another sale for them very soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you once again for all of your support.

Yangu and the YTC team

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YTC 2nd Anniversary—SkipPad launch and giveaway


Today is the second anniversary of Yangumasuta Tablet Covers! What began as a simple Reddit post sharing my homemade tablet covers has now grown to a full-blown custom printing operation. In February of this year, we started offering personalizable gaming mousepads. We’ve also added a thicker, more durable semi-gloss material for tablet covers and stickers. And with the help of aether, our resident web designer, we upgraded to a brand new website that is faster and easier to use than ever before.

With YTC’s birthday, we are expanding our product selection yet again. Starting today, you can purchase the SkipPad—our custom two-key keyboard designed by skipfie, made especially for professional osu! gameplay. Like all YTC products, it is completely customizable. Read more about the SkipPad on its dedicated product page here.

Finally, to celebrate our anniversary and the launch of our SkipPads, we are giving away two sets of our Custom tablet covers (2 pack), one Custom mousepad (600mmx300mm), as well as one custom-made SkipPad to a total of four lucky winners. See below for details on how to enter this contest. But if you (like me) have terrible luck at giveaways, don’t worry—our entire store is 20% off for the next 24 hours! Just use coupon code anniversary20 at checkout 🙂

Thank you to all of the YTC customers and supporters over the past two years.


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May 2018 Updates


Hope you’re having a fantastic spring so far. I just wanted to provide everyone a quick update on some changes that will be happening at over the next month:

  1. All “On-demand” (formerly known as “Rush”) orders will be out of stock until the end of the month, as I will be away on a trip. All remaining On-demand orders have already been fulfilled, and will be shipping out shortly.
  2. Batch orders are now open again! After many requests to bring back batch orders for tablet covers, they will be returning starting today for a limited quantity of orders. There will be two batches, 20 matte and 10 glossy (both 2 pack). As with all batch orders, these will not print until the entire batch is sold out. The earliest print time for either batch is June 2018, as this is when I will be returning from my trip.
  3. Due to some changes in server infrastructure, will be down for the indefinite future. Please use an alternate image host that does not compress images, such as or, to upload your images.
  4. We are in talks with our mousepad producer to bring you more size options! Stay tuned for more updates on this.
  5. We now offer support for additional cryptocurrencies for payment, including Nano and Ether.

As always, feel free to join our Discord for live support and updates (including info on batch order status). Thanks for reading to the end of this lengthy post, and thank you for shopping at YTC!


Yangu and the YTC team