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Celebrating YTC’s third birthday


Yangumasuta Tablet Covers is now three years old. What started as a simple Google Form has now become the expansive web store that is today. Since our launch, we’ve printed and shipped over 2500 tablet covers, as well as hundreds of mousepads. Last year we introduced the SkipPad, the best custom keypad for high performance rhythm gaming. This year, we released the SkipPad V2, with all-new internals and additional customizable elements. But ultimately, your support for our products is what keeps YTC going. That’s why every year we hold an anniversary event to give back to the people who started it all, you. This year is no different.

We’re giving away free custom tablet covers, mousepad, SkipPad V2, and gift cards below. And for today only, save 30% on all tablet covers and mousepads —just use the code anniversary30 at checkout. As for our SkipPads, we will be having another sale for them very soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you once again for all of your support.

Yangu and the YTC team

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45 thoughts on “Celebrating YTC’s third birthday

  1. Pen sleeves would be cool 🙂

  2. Pog

  3. A custom full keyboard could be fcking awesome, but expensive as hell but who cares, could be really awesome.

  4. I’d like that the full cth 480 cover come back in stock

  5. Just like above comment, pen sleeves are the way to goooo! 😀

  6. pen sleeves would be kinda cool actually

  7. Good job on the three years! I hope I win the giveaway though 😀

  8. Pen grip because why not

  9. YTC 60% keyboard

  10. another vote for ”pen sleeves”

  11. FULL COVER!!!!

  12. everything ive ordered has been top quality, its no wonder ytc has gone strong for three years – heres to three more PogChamp

  13. Osu keycaps

  14. Cheers to three years! Custom keycaps seem like something I would buy.

  15. Bigger variety of tablet cover materials would be cool

  16. keycaps for the SkipPad would be nice since the regular ones don’t really work out well with me.

  17. Pen sleeves

  18. I think that you guys should add a Gel cushion for your wrists when rather typing or playing osu!

  19. I’d like to see a macropad that had a gap in between the keys for players that use ring and index finger

  20. Pen sleeves

    1. Yea pen sleeves would be lit

  21. I also vote for pen sleeves

  22. Pen sleeves would be Poggg

  23. Pen sleeves seem like a cool idea.

  24. wtf actually pog

  25. I’d like to see custom keycaps

  26. EZ Clap

  27. far stretch but mouse grip skins?

  28. maybe a keyboard arm rest

  29. i would love to see keyboard from you!

  30. I would love to see ring finger keypad or 6-key macro pad (I sometimes want to use middle finger and use other keys)

  31. Custom drawing gloves

  32. Pen sleeves to match a custom cover would be cool

  33. pogW

  34. Pen sleeve or a full keyboard would be SICK 🙂

  35. Along with tablet cover, why not a grippy pen sticker/cover? Probably sounds ridiculous but I think it would be cool af.

  36. would be cool to see pen ¨covers¨ for sweaty hands

  37. Pen sleeves sound cool

  38. I really like the custom keycaps idea, but it’s hard to make if consider artisan as an example

  39. I’m liking this pen sleeves idea, would really help with grip

  40. I don’t really have an idea for new products but congratulations on third anniversary!

  41. custom keycups

  42. Pog in the comments

  43. Grips for pens.

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