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YTC 2nd Anniversary—SkipPad launch and giveaway


Today is the second anniversary of Yangumasuta Tablet Covers! What began as a simple Reddit post sharing my homemade tablet covers has now grown to a full-blown custom printing operation. In February of this year, we started offering personalizable gaming mousepads. We’ve also added a thicker, more durable semi-gloss material for tablet covers and stickers. And with the help of aether, our resident web designer, we upgraded to a brand new website that is faster and easier to use than ever before.

With YTC’s birthday, we are expanding our product selection yet again. Starting today, you can purchase the SkipPad—our custom two-key keyboard designed by skipfie, made especially for professional osu! gameplay. Like all YTC products, it is completely customizable. Read more about the SkipPad on its dedicated product page here.

Finally, to celebrate our anniversary and the launch of our SkipPads, we are giving away two sets of our Custom tablet covers (2 pack), one Custom mousepad (600mmx300mm), as well as one custom-made SkipPad to a total of four lucky winners. See below for details on how to enter this contest. But if you (like me) have terrible luck at giveaways, don’t worry—our entire store is 20% off for the next 24 hours! Just use coupon code anniversary20 at checkout 🙂

Thank you to all of the YTC customers and supporters over the past two years.


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89 thoughts on “YTC 2nd Anniversary—SkipPad launch and giveaway

  1. I would like Red or Brown switches since I have never used them and they look like good options for playing osu!

    1. Red switches are perfect so people on my discord don’t hear the keys too much :3 Thank you!! Hope I win 😀

    2. Red switches are my preferred switches. Good luck to everyone entering and hopefully I’ll win something for once xD

  2. red switches for sure, gotta be quiet

  3. Cherry mx reds, they are the nicest feeling out of the bunch.

  4. I want black keys, my keyboard have it and I love it.

  5. Probably Cherry Mx Reds? Gotta try them

    And what’s the difference between the Comapct and Small SkipPad?

    1. The size of the bases are different

  6. Probably Cherry Mx Reds?

    And what’s the difference between the Compact and Small SkipPads?

  7. red or brown. Red if I’m alone, Brown for quieter sounds

  8. Red Switches would be great

  9. Red Switches would be great!

  10. I’d want to try out a custom SkipPad but I’m also bad at giveaways so there’s that xD

  11. Cherry MX Reds, as they’re the lightest.

  12. Gateron Reds or Clears sound nice. I have been using my BlackWidow X for the longest time, and I’m getting quite fatigued very easily. It is really discouraging me to play, but even if I don’t win one, $17 usd doesn’t sound too bad to save up for!

  13. I would want gateron reds because they’re light and smooth.

  14. Gateron or Cherry MX Red Switches 🙂

  15. I’d appreciate red switches as they are easy to click and I get rsi from my 2k13 razer ones :(.

  16. Red switches because I’ve always been curious xdxdxdxxdxxdx

  17. Cherry MX reads as I’ve always wanted to try them

  18. Red switches or Brown cuz they are the best owo

  19. I would like Gateron Greens or Blues because of the higher actuation force for slower streams and higher stamina.

  20. gateron green cuz I like the colour green

  21. MX Blues because mathi >w<

  22. Gateron yellow would be nice

    1. That’s nice of you doing this giveway , tablet covers should be nice for my tablet xd i’m dragging since 2 years and it’s starting to destroy my tablet

  23. Getting any would be enough for me ><

  24. I’ve only ever used cherry switches but out of those i think browns would probably be the best

  25. I’d like gateron or MX greens

  26. Cherry MX brown might be nice

  27. MX Reds would be nice

  28. Gateron blue, i want that noise

  29. mx reds would be nice, never used them before

  30. Red switches, I think they would be nice.

  31. Cherry blues would be awesome, laptop keyboard is getting murdered lmao.

  32. I want a red switch cuz I tested it at a computer store and it feels great.

  33. i wanna try red switches. speed switches would be nice as well.

  34. Would like my skippad with gateron green if i win 😀

  35. Cherry MX Blacks, red is too light :V

  36. MX browns are bae so mx browns owo

  37. Red switches cuz they are the clackiest 😀

  38. Gateron clear, because it’s the lightest switch i can find in the market

  39. red switches please

  40. Would like gateron reds or clears, because it’s the lightest switch and i really want to try it out.

  41. browns cuz i never had em

  42. brown cus silent but deadly

  43. mx speed because gotta go fast like sanic

  44. want summa those BLUE switches thocc thocc

  45. mx reds would be owo

  46. Probably Brown because I already tested out reds

  47. mx blues because i like blues

  48. gat reds since i havent tried them yet sounds cool!

  49. Gateron Reds or Clears would be cool, I’ve heard they’re smoother and lighter than Cherry Reds.

  50. Always wanted to buy some nice gear for when I play osu but never had any money for it.
    Now I’ve worked all summer to be able to buy it and now you’re doing a giveaway lol

    Anyway if I’d win the giveaway I’d like to get 2 custom tablet covers with these images:

    As for the custom mouspad I’d like one with this image:×1080-for-iphone-7.jpg

    I’ve always wanted a black keypad with red LED’s to match my setup. I’d also choose brown switches because red ones are too soft and blue ones are too clicky imo :p

    I really hope I can win this because it’s something for the longest time. And even if I don’t win, I’ll probably still buy a custom keypad from you guys.

  51. I’d love gateron clears since I’ve never tried a switch that light

  52. mx browns

  53. Ez win

  54. Blue switches. Gotta have that click clack moo.

  55. Definitely red switches please, thank you!

  56. Cherry MX Reds.

  57. i’d get reds since i have a brown keyboard coming in soon

  58. brown switches, heard they good for streams

  59. Reds sound good yet idk anything about switches lol

  60. Cherry MX Browns because I’ve never had them before

  61. I’d love the red switches because god damn they’re nice

  62. Want to try gateron black. Miss using heavier switches.

  63. I wish everyone the best of luck in this giveaway! <3

  64. I would want Gateron Blacks because I have heard that they help with stamina when playing osu, and I am interested in using heavier switches.

  65. Would have to get Rin Tohsaka on the tablet covers, because Rin Tohsaka is best Waifu.

    For switches I’d say Cherry MX Red, since I have silver switches already and want to try reds out.

  66. I would love Cherry mx red since i haven’t had them before.

  67. I would love Cherry MX Reds because i never had those before

  68. Cherry MX Brown’s as they seem nice and in between Red’s and Blue’s.

  69. cherry mx browns sound really nice from what people i know have said, and as of now im just using my laptop keyboard so i feel limited on higher bpm maps

  70. I would like gateron reds for the smoothness

  71. I would really like red switches :)))

  72. Brown switches because i miss the feedback of browns ever since my keyboard died

  73. Red cuz people say it’s better than browns so i want to test.

  74. browns cause they feel nice on my fingers

  75. i have a keyboard that has custom made mechanical keys that try to resemble reds but they really don’t feel too good to play osu! with when i saw this giveaway i thought eh why not so i just entered the chance of me winning is miniscule but there is still a chance

  76. Cherry MX Red or Gateron Blacks would be the best choice for as I’d want Reds to get better in one go or Blacks to get much better over time (at streaming in osu!)

  77. I would like red switches and I’ve been playing osu for 6 months now with a mouse and want to switch to a pad!

  78. red cherry and the black color I would say in appearance

  79. I’d like Red switches because they have a linear travel and they sound pretty quiet compared to blue ones

  80. cherry mx red or gateron blacks

  81. I’d like Cherry MX Red switches!

  82. Red switches are my prefered switches as my current keyboard are also red switches 🙂
    Good luck to those who are also entering and hopefully for once I’ll win something haha

  83. I’d like red switches as they seem to align with my preferences (:

  84. My mom always screams at me for slapping my membrane keyboard too hard, so I wanna try some red switches

  85. I’d like greens because they look nice

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